Saturday, July 19, 2008


Whew! I need a drink! The day started out normal enough....Seth working on his bike, and me going to a "color class" for my friend that sells Mary Kay....and it ended up with a new alternator for the Rodeo AND a new car in the garage.
Between the towing of the Rodeo (less than a mile) and the hard time Seth had replacing the alternator (not going to repeat the cuss works that came out of his mouth) AND me going to Orem without Seth to look at cars....I think we each need a LARGE glass of wine, OR a HUGE ASS Margarita! Since you aren't supposed to mix your alcohols (for those that don't makes for one HORRID hangover) I think I'll go for the Margarita....hope Seth will too! Happy Saturday Night!

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Katie said...

You mention a new car and then don't say another thing about it?! "New" new car or just new to you? Car, SUV, Truck? Is it for you and the kids or for Seth? Or does it replace the Rodeo? Do tell!

Go Margaritas!!!