Friday, March 28, 2008

Fight The Frump Fridays

So I have decided to start something new.....well new to me that is. During my "blog hopping" journeys, I have stumbled across a blog called Mrs. Fussypants Guide to Life. Every Friday she has a "Fight The Frump" post, that gives advice on how to fight the Mommy Frumpiness, that we all sometimes get. She has even gotten her readers to do the same, and they post their own "Fight the Frump" post on Friday. So I am going to do "Fight the Frump Fridays" and even though I probably won't put a link to my posts on Fussy's blog....still check her out! "FIGHT THE FRUMP" (FTF) I hardly ever leave the house without makeup on. Even if it is just a little bit (foundation, a bit of eyeshadow, and mascara) I always have it on. I may not always look like I have it on (I tend to touch my face too much during the day) and I may not always be wearing the correct shades (I try new things, and they don't always match my "season") but I feel better knowing I have taken the time to do something for myself, and that I might just look like I am NOT A FRUMPY MOM!!! So try this, try to take just a little time in the AM for yourself, and put a bit of makeup works wonders to fight frumpiness! So, you can give me your opinion of this post (You're nuts! Even if you are wearing makeup, you still look frumpy) you can give your own FTF advice (Always wear matter how washed out you look wearing it) or you can just check out Fussy and ignore me all together!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


So I guess it is time for the next installment of "Fight Mommy Brain". So here I go! BOOKS I LOVE to read. I am not quite the reader some of my friends are (Allison, this means you!) but I get in a "groove" of wanting to read all the time. I stay up late trying to finish a book so I can start a new one the next day (Twilight series), I almost ignore my family, with wanting to expand my mind and soak up the knowledge the book has to offer. Unfortunately, I haven't read too many books recently that have a ton of knowledge to offer! I just started reading The Other Boleyn Girl, and since it is based on some historical fact....I am trying to take it slow. I would really like to finish it, and that might happen this weekend, when the kids are spending quality time at the Grandparents house! I read Can You Keep a Secret in less than 24 hours. It doesn't hurt that I have read it before, but it was such a quick read, and a great way to get away from life for a little while. I would like to say that I have a favorite book, one that I always go back to, one that is looking a bit ragged and needs to be replacedm but I don't think I do. Do any of you have a tried and true favorite book? Have you read any great books lately? (Please keep the list to a minimum Allison, I think blogger has a word cap on comments!) ;)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Colin was soo excited that the Easter Bunny was coming, it took him a long time to fall asleep last night. It was almost like Christmas Eve! Colin woke up before the rest of us, but Seth got up with him, and made him go downstairs until at least Lilly woke up. Once they were able to go find their Easter Baskets, there was no containing Colin, he had a hard time finding his basket, but was totally hyper looking for it. Lilly just wanted to go eat breakfast until we forced her to look in the living room. She found her basket right away, and pulled it out of hiding, and played with the first toy she found. Colin on the other hand was soo excited about every little thing he got in his basket. Once Lilly found the candy, that was it....she wanted to eat it all then and there. My Mom came up from Orem (my Dad is on a Harley Ride) and we made a ducky cake out of two 9 inch round cakes (it ended up looking more like a Dodo bird, but oh well) Seth was totally amazed that my Mom could do that! (I only tinted the coconut and helped decorate it) We ate a small lunch (OK I admit, I had a spread, but it wasn't anything near what we have when the whole family gets together), and just spent a lazy afternoon hanging out. All in all a nice Easter Day!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Thanks ladies!

At 8:00 last night I got an invite to go out with some friends for drinks and dessert. Now, I am a "planner" so it was unexpected as well as out of character for me to actually go. Thanks a ton for the invite, I had a LOT of fun....and we have to do it more often. (Katie, I had like 15 minutes to get ready, so there was no time to give you a call...but next time! I promise! OH, and Nicole, thanks for the last round of drinks, very generous of you!)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I just have to share! by now you know that Katie let me know how hilarious dooce is. She has the balls (pardon the french) to just tell it like it is with some things. Her latest blog entry Exclamation Point, long overdue edition, talks about something that bugs me about people that comment on some blogs. Either the "commenters" are totally rude when they disagree with something (have some tact people!), or they are totally ignorant and don't own it. I read through some of the comments on some blogs and wonder if people actually read the posts. That is just a pet peeve of mine.....if you don't get what the author is trying to say then a) Don't comment , b) Own it! Comment on what you don't get, then the author has a chance to reply with an explanation OR c) read through the post a few times until you DO get it. (Although...sometimes it is the funniest thing in the world to read some of those comments and just laugh at all the "crazies" in this world!) Closed minded, ignorant people bug me! Disclaimer: This post was written under the influence of alcohol! (drinking alone sucks!)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Economic Stimulus Plan

I just need to get this off of my chest. I am all for using some of our "surplus" taxes to stimulate the economy (especially since we are getting a nice sized check) BUT I am apalled that it cost $42 BILLION dollars to send a small note telling us the EXACT same thing we had been hearing on the news, reading on the internet, and reading in newspapers for a month prior to receiving the note. It didn't even tell us the amount we would be getting. Unless you were living under a rock for a month, we all knew something was happening.....they could have saved the $$ and sent a letter WITH the check explaining what it was for (which I am sure will still come with the checks in May). is off my chest....and now you know I watch the news, and read news stories on the internet, and am a little into politics (I have a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science).

Friday, March 14, 2008

Movies it has been almost a week since I wrote about some of the music I am listening I think we should "talk" about movies. I am not one to watch movies that are too thought provoking, or send a message. I am not really into documentaries (mockumentaries are more my style). I prefer movies that are a bit unbelievable, movies that take me away from the real world for a while (kinda how I like my books, but that is a different post). In a way I am a little childish in my likes (KEVIN SMITH ROCKS!!) and also a bit of a romantic (we watched August Rush tonight, and I LOVED that the ending was all tied up with a nice little bow). What kind of stuff do you like? Do you like going to the movie theater, or do you prefer the comforts of your own home (ie. being able to pause while you use the restroom)? I prefer the comforts of home, a drink (alcoholic of course) in one hand Thai food (or McDonald's) in the other, and a warm blanket to snuggle into.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Since I just complained about "mommy brain", and the only two people that read my blog have expressed an interest in discussing things other than the kids, I think I am going to start telling you about things that I am into right now, here...and if that carries over into "real life" then all the better! MUSIC: I am soo into my Sirius Radio (thanks Bryant, Becky and Morgan)! I listen to BBC Radio 1 because it has such a variety of song could be Arctic Monkeys, and the next Timbaland (I don't necessarily like either of those musicians, but that shows the wide range on Radio 1). Anyway...I am really into Kate Nash right now....I got her CD and whenever the kids are not in the car, I listen to it (read: explicit lyrics) I find her a bit fun, and even a little empowering (see "Mouthwash lyrics"). So, if you want listen to some of her music, and let me know what you think!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Mommy Brain

For the last month or so, my brain has stoppped working.....all I can think about is the kids. And the housework, and now the yard work that is coming up. I don't know what to do about the one track mind I have. Take a continuing education class? Read more about current events? Talk to friends about things other than our kids? All easier said than done. I try to keep informed, try to form my own opinions, try to keep my mind working the same way it did before I had kids, but lately it doesn't seem to be helping. Any thoughts on how to accomplish that?