Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm trying to find happiness every day.

I haven't been very "happy" lately. Stress from getting calls from Colin's school, the family getting colds. the overall Utah weather and multiple other small things have kind of put the kibosh on that.

Things have been looking up- Colin is doing better in school, the family is getting better and the weather, well the weather still sucks but not much I can do about that. Colin has recently decided it would be fun to help me in the kitchen. My favorite time so far, was when he helped me make French Bread to go with an easy Chicken Alfredo meal. We both had a lot of fun and he did a GREAT job! He doesn't pose for pictures very nicely, so my picture for Leigh's Happiness Project is the first loaf of French Bread he formed. Not only does BREAD make me happy (my thighs will attest to that) but spending that time in the kitchen with him makes me happy too.

I'm linking to Leigh vs. Laundry and her Happiness project (check it out!). She is on week 49 of her project and well, I guess I'm starting over again. Hopefully I will start to find the happiness in every day things again.