Thursday, July 3, 2008

Turntable Thursday

I kinda like a bit of trendy music, along with the not so trendy stuff. A "band" I like and that I actually hear the words and not just the music is a trendy "band" or "they" at least have a trendy song out right now. Their whole album is great....but I can't quite put a finger on what I like about it. Coconut Records is a solo act formed by the one, the only Jason Schwartzman! You may remember him from such Films as I Heart Huckabees, The Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy, and Rushmore. OR from newer films such as The Darjeeling Limited, and Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox story. Not only is this actor's album pretty good, but he has famous friends as guests throughout the whole thing. (Some very unlikely ones at that.) Not all actors have sucessfully formed bands, ie. Keanu Reeves (Dogstar) and Dennis Quaid (Dennis Quaid and the Sharks), but some have ie. Jared Leto (30 Seconds to Mars), Jack Black (Tenacious D) and even Billy Bob Thornton (Boxmasters). Yes, creepy, creepy Billy Bob does well with Rockabilly. So take a listen, tell me what you think, or don't whatever. But I could listen to this album every day at least once! (In fact, I would be listening to them right now, if I weren't listening to Blue's Clues on the TV).

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Sun Tea for Sinners said...

Jason Schwartzmann is awesome! I love that kinda weird, disconnected humour! You are my kinda gal, Abe!