Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wednesday's Wonderful Recipe

Thanks for the potato salad recipes....I guess I'd better start searching for an actual recipe that includes pickle juice so I can get proportions right! So this week, I am getting back to letting you know about the foods I cook for my family. We don't have a very large menu to choose from, but I am slowly expanding my repertoire (big word for a mommy brain, I know). One meal we cook all the time is tacos, I know pretty boring, and I don't really have an actual recipe for it. The good thing about tacos is the versatility. You can have hard tacos, soft tacos, taco salads or even totsadas. You can use ground beef, ground turkey, ground chicken, or chicken, shredded beef or pork. I pretty much just use the packets of taco mix from McCormick, and follow the directions on the back. We use pre-packaged shredded lettuce, and I grate my own cheddar cheese, sometimes we add tomatos, and sour cream and Seth always uses Cholula hot sauce (I just use the regular red stuff from LaVictoria ). Most of the time, Seth makes the hard shells himself. He heats up a pan of oil and forms taco shells out of corn tortillas. It is soo good, and makes it easier on me...I don't have to heat up flour tortillas or find some good tasting pre-made taco shells. I think next time we make tacos, I am going to try PW's Pico looks soo easy and very fresh and healthy, and perfect for summer veggies! (I may even try the guacamole part of the recipe too!) So that is a "recipe" that is a staple in this house. I try to have stuff on hand to make them, and I love having them for dinner since it it a family effort to get dinner on the table and they are one dish that everyone likes!


Katie said...

We love tacos. I usually do ground beef (with the McCormicks taco seasoning) and just cheese and salsa (I figure it's got the onions and tomatoes and heat). We often do soft tacos and occasionally I'll buy the pre-made hard shells. Next time have Seth make fried taco shells out of flour tortillas - yummy.

BTW, cute new background!

Allison & Ben said...

We love tacos too and also make our own shells. I'm pretty sure that is the only way to have tacos at home. I don't think there is a good premade shell out there. We usaully do chicken since I don't eat beef, always very yummy with some homemade salsa.