Thursday, July 17, 2008

Turntable Thursday

We watched one of my favorite movies last night at MNO (She's The One), and that got me thinking about movie soundtracks. Well, just soundtracks in general. TV show sound tracks; Eli Stone has way too much George Michael. Movie soundtracks; Titanic is a very popular one, although not one I own. And even video game soundtracks; Amped 3 is a bit "brown chicken, brown cow" but still not too bad. (Not sure if you can actually buy a video game soundtrack, but it still adds to the effect of the game). One of my favorite soundtracks of all time, goes along with my favorite TV show of all time. Any guesses??? Does anyone know??? Anyone??? OK...I'll tell you (mostly because I can't heard your answers). "Our Little Corner of the World" has all of the music from the first three seasons of Gilmore Girls. This CD has a wide of array of music...anything from XTC and The Shins, to a cover by Joey Ramone!!! Even Grant Lee Phillips has a song on there, which is fitting since he is the "town Troubador". I love that I know the whole soundtrack by heart, and when I watch the reruns (or OK, my DVD's of the show) I love listening for said music, that is usually just in the background. Do you have a favorite soundtrack? PS...there haven't been many comments on my music you prefer to comment later?? OR do you prefer to vote in a poll on the right? Also, do you like my playlist on the side?


Seth said...

There are actual soundtrack CDs for many games available. Some are free promos that come out in magazines or at events, some you can buy and some come with special editions of the games.

I have no idea why but it is a pretty popular thing to do these days. It made sense with the Amped series because the game shipped with thousands of indie label tracks, so making the best of those available on a promo CD sort of makes sense.

Also, I'm not going to admit to my favorite soundtrack of all time because it would put me in an all new class of nerd if I did, so there.

Holly said...

The two that I always find myself going back to over and over are from "A Life Less Ordinary" and "Garden State." Recently I have been listenint to "The Last Kiss" also. I'm definitely going to check out the Gilmore Girls one though. Sounds great! Seth, you really need to hang with James more often. You two are a pair!

Katie said...

My favorite soundtracks:
Valley Girl
The Wedding Singer
Pretty In Pink
Some Kind of Wonderful
The Big Chill

Notice a theme there? Mostly 80's movies. Sadly, some of my favorite movies don't have soundtracks. Boo!!!!

Allison & Ben said...

I love Gilmore Girls, never thought to check out a sound track. I would also think that Charmed might have a good one too but I'm not sure.