Thursday, July 24, 2008

Turntable Thursday

What could be better than music that you AND your kids can listen to together? OK, so a lot of things.....but on a long road trip, or even just to the grocery store, having music that we all can stand is a big thing. They Might Be Giants is one of the funnest bands! Ever since I was younger I loved listening to the crazy, weird lyrics and music like...well all of their songs! Of course I like Birdhouse in your Soul, and Particle Man (the usuals)....but I even like the newest "adult" album The Else, and listen to it when I clean (Colin LOVES, and I mean LOVES Take Out the Trash....and likes to sing along). The kids like Here Come the ABC's and NO!, and are amazed that the "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" theme song is sung by the same band. I think Here Come the 123's is pretty good, and has helped Colin learn new things about numbers. It even comes with a DVD...but since we haven't watched it yet, I can't tell you about it. The huge variety of sounds they use to make their songs appealing to kids is amazing! (Hey, I warned you I rarely hear the lyrics...I usually just hear the music) So if you haven't checked out one of their CD's....I recommend any of them. I wanted to add a song from Here Come the 123's to my playlist...but doesn't have it. I guess I'd better start doing some research on how to get a...hey wait just a second....let me try something....."HOLD PLEASE".......OK sorry about that...I didn't realize that TMBG has a My Space page....take a look, it has a few songs you can listen to if you'd like! There is one thing I have to say I dislike about TMBG...the last time they came to SLC, right before (or possibly right after) Here Come the 123's came out, they played a 21 and over venue! WTF!!! I would have loved to take Colin to see them...and they had to play at The Depot! Totally pissed me off! (OK rant over, we'll catch them next time they come to town)

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Katie said...

Love it! I'm going to steal your "Twilight" widget when my "Breaking Dawn" one is up!