Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm a Mom WAY overdue for a blog update, I know!

I have pretty much set blogging aside for, well, real life stuff. I have a blog post in mind- a quick overview of our month of February but until I have a bit of time to write and add pics and stuff this one will have to do for a bit.

Last year,I became aware of a great company here in Utah that makes quality, modest, CUTE swimsuits. Not only are they CUTE but they have a whole line of Plus Sized suits that DON'T make the curvy girl look like an old lady.

Hapari Swimwear rocks! I got this tankini last year:

Pic- on the Hapari website here

Now I don't look quite as cute in it as she does but I DO feel comfortable in it and I feel well, SECURE in it (no wardrobe malfunctions here) and I feel stylish in it!

Do you want one? Go to Hapari and take a look. Do you want to WIN one? Go to My Giveaway Today and see how YOU can win a gift certificate to Hapari. Don't forget HAPARI!