Sunday, July 20, 2008

New to Us Car more details on the car. It is essentially a new car, 2008 Dodge Caliber that only had one owner and 9300 miles on it. It is to take the place of the Rodeo...although we didn't get rid of the Rodeo (we still need something to tow things and something with more cargo room to haul stuff). I will drive it since it gets way better gas mileage than the Rodeo, and the Rodeo will sit unless Seth needs it. The kids like it, Colin likes the inside better than the outside, and Lilly wanted a ride, but I didn't have car seats in yet. Technically we don't "own" it yet because we couldn't put in any paperwork on a Saturday evening (not to mention we will have to have a loan on it), but the dealer likes us a lot (well, he likes my Dad) so he let us "try it out" until we can get paperwork signed like on Monday (ish). Here are the dealer's pics (they should work until they take it off the internet after that I will have my own up here), and I am sure most of you will see it in person soon....since all I do is drive to MOMS Club stuff (well, and Target too). *Edited....the dealer's pics aren't up yet, and I still haven't had a chance to take my own pic...but I will have one soon....I promise!


Katie said...

Nice!! That's the kind of car I want next time - a cross-over.

melissa9603 said...

Very nice. What a great deal too!

Anonymous said...

I love the car and you look great in it (always important!)

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