Friday, October 19, 2007


OK, so I need a bit of advice, or I guess I'd like to hear your views/experiences on something that is hard to do. My family and I have some friends that have been friends for a long time. It started out with our hubbies working together. Once we started having kids we all became friends, and would hang out occasionally, and see each other at company functions. We would even send birthday/Christmas gifts through our husbands to each other/kids etc. I even joined the wife's book club, since we have a love of reading in common. Since May of 2006 the guys haven't worked together, but they keep in touch. Since earlier this month, I don't attend the book club anymore. I actually can't stand the wife anymore, she talks tooo much about her bratty kids and how "cute" their antics are, AND she is not the kind of parent I strive to be (I actually reprimand MY kids when they run amok in other people's homes). I think my change in attitude is me finally becoming more aware of what I like and do not like in a friend. AND I am finally starting to make friends on my own (without having to use hubby's "work" as a starting ground). How do I "break-up" with them? I don't mind if my hubby stays in touch with her hubby, I just don't want to hang out with them ever again (with or without the kids)! I am getting sick of having to send gifts for B-Days, and having to come up with something for Christmas. AND it is getting expensive. Do I finish out the year with the same type of gifts I always buy (I DO want to be fair, don't I?), and then start next year anew, with just cards for B-Days and Christmas? (there is only 1 b-day then Christmas left this year) OR do I just cut off ties completely? They are the only non-family people we don't see on a regular basis that we have this "tradition" with. I don't want to hurt feelings, I just want to be done with it. So any advice you have, I would be grateful for.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Halloween is usually one of my favorite holidays. This year, I just can't get into it! Normally on or around October 1st we have "Opened Halloween" (my son's phrase) by getting all of my decorations out and making sure the huge spider/spiderweb in the front window is just perfect. I really don't want to do it this year. I'm not sure if it is because it is soo much trouble to get it all out, or if I just want to prolong fall as long as possible. I'm so NOT ready for winter. And I think if I trick myself into thinking Halloween is NOT just around the corner, winter won't be either!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Missing Girl Found

Today they found Kamberlie. She fell into the murky waters of Lake Powell and drowned. I hope I never have to even imagine what it is like to have something like that happen to one of my children. My heart goes out to the Binks family, and my thoughts are with them as they grieve for such an adorable little girl.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Missing Little Girl

There is a little girl from South Jordan that is presumed drowned in Lake Powell over the last few days. I hadn't heard anything about it until this morning, when the news reported specifics about the little girl's family. I recognized her name immediately, and instantly started to cry. Little 3 year old Kamberlie Binks and her mom and brothers belong to the same MOMS Club Chapter I do. I have met them only a few times, but was hoping to see and meet the family more often. Please pray, send good thoughts, meditate (or whatever you do) to the family dealing with this horrible, tragic loss. And as a friend of mine said in an eariler email "hug your little ones close".

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Kids I thought it was about time to share some pics of my kids. Aren't they cute? :) It took a lot of poking and prodding and bribing to get my son to wear a shirt that "matched" his sisters, as well as to actually let me take the pictures (he is sooo his father's son). Hope you enjoy.....these may be the only pics I put on here since it is such a process to take them!
Both kids sitting quietly (for once)

His favorite face for pictures

Isn't she precious?