Wednesday, July 21, 2010

even if my most of my posts make you think I am.

I know I am pretty much a typical "mommy blogger".  My kids take up most of my world with the other parts being my husband and friends. There are some times that I have an opinion on something that isn't kid related and I need to start sharing them with you more often.

I thinking of starting a day of the week called "What The Hell?" Like "What The Hell Wednesdays" or something like that.  Maybe I'll just have a few random posts here and there called "What The Hell?" I"ll think more about it.

Anyway, this week I read an article about a young singer from the Philippines getting Botox injections for her upcoming role in Glee. You can read the article here. As I read it I of course started thinking "WTH! Seriously?" She is 18 with skin like a baby's ass and she got Botox. Of course her representatives claim it wasn't so she would look young, oh no, they couldn't be honest about it, they make up some excuse of "muscle pain in the jaw". I want to know if it was NOT cosmetic, why did she let cameras film the process? If she was in pain, why subject herself to filming the injections?

So I've though about what it would be like to get Botox, or something similar in a few lines I have on my forehead and that one crappy deep line in between my eyes, but I'm over 30. AND I wouldn't get anything done until after 40. I certainly wouldn't get anything done at age 18. Freaking 18. What The Hell?

What are your thoughts on the article?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm a Flip owner that actually remembered to use it.

I never have my Flip Mino handy to use when I need it. I should have had it out when Danielle did her impression of Gus rubbing his junk all over the furniture at Brandi's house (Gus is 2...and Dani wasn't naked OR drunk, and can you call it junk when the kids is only 2?). In fact there are multiple times I have been at Brandi's when I should have been filming people (note to self, next time BRING AND USE THE FLIP!) I should use it when the kids are riding bikes and playing out front, since they are only kids for a little while. AND I should totally have used it when Colin got his "sleepy medicine" right before his surgery last week. Then I could have gotten rich off of my kid, just like THIS guy.

But I am lame and I only use it when we are in Disneyland or when I can film my kids goofing off. I've been trying to live more in the moment and not spend the time worrying about "capturing the moment" but that ends up making me wish I would have taken a few pics or used the Flip. SO...the other day I lived in the moment for a bit, then realized I should film it. It is just my little girl swinging on the swings but she was having fun and being cute. I'm sharing it. It isn't really funny and she doesn't fall off but it is part of our summer fun. So I'm sharing.

And I also know I am a boring Mommy Blogger. That is part of the reason I don't leave many comments on some of the blogs I read. I know not many people that don't know me personally don't really care about much of the shit I talk about on here. I'm not Dooce.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm a Mom playing nurse that missed Movie MOMS this month.

Colin wasn't feeling well enough today for us to attend the monthly Movie MOMS meeting. I was bummed for two reasons: 1) it was held at my friend Katie's pool, and in the 95+ degree weather that would have been sooo nice and 2) the movies we watched were ones that I would have liked to participate in the discussion of. (OK so that sentence doesn't make grammatical sense, but deal)

The movies that Katie picked for July were Revolutionary Road and The Business of Being Born. GREAT movies to spark a discussion of women's reproductive rights. Have you seen them? 

I loved Revolutionary Road for many reasons (LOVE Kate Winslet) and I was never so grateful that I don't live in the 1950's than at the end of the movie. I am so glad I don't have to deal with an overly male dominated society or a husband that stifles me and over-rules my vote in what happens to me and my body. (I could get more specific, but I don't want to give anything away in case you haven't seen it yet)

To be truthful, I didn't finish watching The Business of Being Born. It kind of pissed me off. Not because I don't believe in giving women the right to choose how and where they give birth, because I DO think women should have that right, but because it made me feel like less of a woman because I chose a doctor and hospital for my first pregnancy (in turn because of health issues I chose a doctor and hospital for my second pregnancy too). If a woman wants to give birth without intervention, she should be able to but those women should also respect the decision of any other woman that doesn't want to do it that way. I wanted to try to "go natural" with my second child but it wasn't in the cards. I know it was best for me and the baby that I was induced a little early and had an epidural during the birthing process. I shouldn't be made to feel guilty that I trusted my doctor. Before you go off on me, I know that is NOT what the filmmakers were trying to do when they made this film. I know they were trying to inform the women in the US that there are other options when it comes to giving birth.  I also know they were possibly trying to let people in the US know that there are a lot of women out there that would prefer midwives to doctors and home births to hospital ones despite what some state laws dictate but I can't help how the movie made me feel.

Those are my takes on the Movie MOM movies for July. What did you think of the movies?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I've also been playing nurse.

Not THAT kind of nurse (get your mind out of the gutter). Although....naughty nurse might be a little fun for our upcoming Anniversary....but I digress. I've been playing nurse to my husband and son since they both had surgery in the last 5 days. That is where all of my energy has been directed, keeping them healthy. 

Both surgeries were planned, and neither were life threatening, but recovery can be a bear. I was expecting a little more pain and suffering coming from my husband (sorry Seth, but I was) but his surgery went smoothly, and pretty painless (and NO it wasn't a little snip, snip type of procedure). He was the ideal patient. Even brought ME a beer on Saturday, possibly trying to get me drunk.

Colin's surgery went well also, and all he has been doing is sleeping. He's played a little Wii, and watched some TV, but mostly he's been quiet as a mouse (so unlike him) and not just because his throat hurts. It has been hard to get him to take his medicine and drink fluids, but I think that will change here soon. Threatening to take him back to the hospital has worked a bit. Hey! It's the truth...if he gets dehydrated, we have to take him back for IV fluids. Sometimes the brutal truth works the best.  Oh, and thanks to Seth for being a great Dad and helping out with the late night and medicine dosings. It helps so much to have a partner in all of this.

I'm gonna get back to playing nurse....AGAIN! Not THAT kind of nurse.

Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm a Mom keeping my kids busy this summer.

And by keeping them busy, I'm having a hard time keeping up with my blogging. As you all can tell. We've had birthdays and Father's Day and water slide days and park days and....well you get the picture. Now it is July and I should get it together. Doesn't mean I will.

Do you want a short recap of the last month or so? Well, who cares....I'm gonna give you one anyway.

Lilly and I both got a year older. We celebrated Lilly's birthday with a Purplicious party at my sister's clubhouse, and I celebrated mine by having a girls night at the Roller Derby. Yes, I said Roller Derby. The Salt City Derby Girls had a double Bout the night of my birthday, and we had a blast. But NO we did NOT don roller skates and join them. Although I am tempted.

Father's Day came and Seth finally got his new grill. It is the coolest thing....a gas grill and a charcoal grill all in one. Needless to say, we've been grilling a lot since then. Gonna smoke some salmon on a cedar plank soon....YUM!

I've still been going to Zumba, a little. Things got hectic, but I'm going when I can. I'm still trying to eat healthier and grilling is helping with that, but some days it is SO hard to make sure fruits and veggies are a part of every meal. I'm gonna stick with it, and get better though, I promise.

We've had many days with friends, Movie MOMS, Book Club, Classic Fun Center days, and even a great lunch at an old friend's house (something I need to do more often.) I got to see a friend I hadn't seen for a while and I met an "imaginary friend" from FB. We saw Toy Story 3 (it is soo good, go see it!) and I saw Eclipse at an early fundraising showing (not a bad movie, but I went mostly for the time with friends). I finished a book I was supposed to read for April, read the book club book for June and started on the book for July. I wish I could find the time to read more, but as hard as I try there aren't enough hours in the day. I've recently joined Good Reads, and I put my bookshelf over on the right, if you are interested.

I know I should be using my camera more, but I haven't been feeling it. And with all the water things we've been doing, I don't dare bring my camera, in fear of breaking it. I have been happy, even though I haven't been participating in The Happiness Project and I've been trying to find some good You Capture shots and I know, I know, you'll have to take my word for it since there are no pictures to prove it.

So that is our month in a very large nutshell. I wish I had more to say, or could put into words what I think about some of the current events, but most of the time I can't even get my laundry done let alone wax intelligent about the goings on in the world. I know, boring life, but it is my life and right now I really AM just a Mom.

(Forgive the lack of links....I have most of them in posts somewhere. I just am too tired to link up.)