Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Weekend Getaway

Question: What is your all time favorite quick weekend getaway? (preferably near Utah) My hubby and I would like to go away for our ten year anniversary (OMG it has been TEN YEARS!). We were thinking about going to Las Vegas, well Henderson, to stay at the beautiful Green Valley Resort and Spa, but it might be too HOT for us in August. So where do you guys go to spend a weekend without the kids, Sun Valley? Jackson Hole? Park City? (although everything in the Salt Lake City area is SOLD OUT for the weekend we want to stay somewhere...what the hell is going on in SLC the 8-11 of August? Huh?) Just spit out some ideas...anywhere is better than here! (Well, except maybe St. George...that is where we met, and well.....we don't really like to go back...mostly because we know St. George all too well!)

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Katie said...

When we actually get away for a weekend, I'll let you know where we go. But before we had kids, we'd go to Park City because of the cooler temps and go out to eat somewhere new. Or Vegas - but not to gamble, because we're too cheap for that.

Oh, and I think it's the Outdoor Retailers show that week which would explain the sold out rooms in the area.