Thursday, June 19, 2008

Things they are-a changin'

So as most of you know, Disney's video gaming studio, Avalanche, has been wanting Seth to come work for them for almost 2 years now (for those of you that don't know...he used to work as a tester in the video game industry until the studio he worked at was unethically shut down right before Lilly was born). The timing just hadn't been right for Seth to return to video games, until now. Seth had meeting with some Avalanche development managers a few weeks ago. The day after that he submitted his resume'/application. A bit after that we found out that his former supervisors had been called for references. On Monday they called and gave him an offer. After a bit of deliberation, and lot of going back and forth with his current employer, he will start working at the Avalanche video game studios June 30th. Even though he doesn't get much of a pay raise, he will be returning to an industry that he knows well, and he will be working with a lot of people he worked with while he was working at Indie Built. He will also be trying to live up to his potential, which is something that he wasn't able to do at his last two jobs. Seth will be able to to move up with in the company, and he will have a chance to learn things he really wants to learn. I'm really excited for him, and I think he is excited too. He feels a badly about leaving at a crucial point in the project he is working on, but he also may have a chance to work part-time for his current company, while he works at Avalanche. Congratulations Seth! PS....Sorry about the long post, I am not very good at "short, sweet and to the point".


Allison & Ben said...

Congrats Seth! I'm so excited for you guys. I think you will enjoy this move and be so much happier. So exciting, any chance your moving to Texas? j/k Congrats and I'm sure everything will go great.

Katie said...

Congrats to Seth! Tell him to, "Expect the Best!"