Sunday, June 15, 2008

Just an observation... an upfront disclaimer, I realize that movies and TV shows and books are for our entertainment, something to take us out of our lives and into the lives of other people. But there is something that bugs me about most of the movies, TV shows and books out there.... Everyone has a really cool job that makes more money than they ought to! They have ALL supposedly gotten degrees that just happen to get them cool jobs. Case in point: 1-Friends: The only person that doesn't have a cool money making job at the end is Pheobe, and that is only because she doesn't want one. Rachel got lucky by being able to work at department stores, after the only other job she had was a waitress at a coffee shop. 2-My Boys: PJ is a writer for a Chicago newspaper, and gets to hang out with her favorite baseball team the cubs. She hangs out in the press room for games, and the locker room afterwards. Now I am not a huge baseball fan, but DAMN! That must be a great job to have. Everyone else in her group of friends has a great job, with great pay....and even though her friend Stephanie had to have financial counselling at one point, she still works for a magazine that has great perks. 3-Just about any Chick lit book you read, has some great chick with a great job, having enough $$ to live relatively on her own (some have roommates) with great clothes, great shoes, great furniture etc. 4- Most movies have characters that you know make the normal amount of $$ for their profession, but still have penthouse apartments, great mansions, and all around wealth. Why don't writers make things more believable? I mean, could Rachel actually afford partial utilities and food on that apartment with Monica on Friends? Could she really get the cool jobs she did, with NO experience? Does PJ really write well enough about sports to be paid the salary she gets? I know you can all give me names of characters that have a tough life, and I know I could to if I though hard about it. BUT everything I have come across these days has an unrealistic portrayal of a person's real status in life. Just once I'd like to see a person that has just enough $$ and just enough stuff and just enough of everything, to make them happy! If you can give me a character that has all of that, I promise I will check it out!! (OK so enough of my post won't be so "ranty"; and don't pay any attention my my grammar....rants aren't supposed to be gramatically correct)


Sun Tea for Sinners said...

True enough sista! I have to budget to buy a skirt on sale at Target! I know for a fact, that working at a coffee house only pays 8 buck an hour. I saw a room, just a room, shared bath in NY for $900 dollars a month. Figure that one.

Katie said...

Yeah, it is very unrealistic that characters on these shows have regular jobs and yet wear Prada and Chanel or are 23 and have six figure salaries for a job that normally would be for someone in their 40's. I guess that's why TV is fantasy and not reality (no matter what they try to pass off as "reality" programming.)