Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday's Wonderful Recipe

Time is short this week...lots going I am going to share my favorite recipe for Coffee Cake/Crumb Cake. You can serve as a breakfast food, or as a dessert with fresh berries and coop whip/whipped cream. Coffee Cake in 16 easy steps! Step 1: Get in the Car Step 2: Drive to the grocery store (your choice!) Step 3: Get out of the car Step 4: Go into the store Step 5: Go to the baking aisle Step 6: Find the cake mixes/muffin mixes Step 7: Find Krusteaz Crumb Cake Mix in a box Step 8: Go to the register Step 9: Pay for the mix Step 10: Go out of the store Step 11: Get in the car Step 12: Drive home Step 13: Get out of the car Step 14: Go into the house Step 15: Follow the directions on the box Step 16: Enjoy your Coffee/Crumb cake!

1 Comment:

Katie said...

Thank God you explained it step-by-step otherwise I would've been completely lost!