Monday, June 9, 2008


Wow! I haven't written a non-themed post in a while. Part of it is that I really have nothing to say, or nothing that will make sense anyway, and part of it is that I have been extremely busy! Not only is Colin now out of school until the end of August (that means I have to drag him every where...the grocery store, Lilly's playgroup, Target) but we have a very full MOMS Club calendar this month. Between the two playgroups and the multiple activities things are CRAZY!! I look at my calendar and want to cry! A friend wanted to schedule a time we can hang out without the kids, and she looked at my calendar and just about cried herself! I don't even think I will be able to celebrate my upcoming b-day until Sunday when we celebrate with my family (along with Father's Day, of course). Too many things going on! I should be grateful to be so busy and have enough friends to have a full calendar. It could be like it was before MOMS Club, a day full of talking to my 2 year old and him not being able to actually answer. And the highlight of my day being my short walk to the mail box! As for other things to say...I guess I should do them in bullets since individually they will not make enough of a post, but together they might:

  • I watched the movie "Crash" for the first time this weekend....LOVED IT! I don't know why I didn't see it sooner, seeing as we own it.
  • It is finally summer...the days have been nice enough to send the kids out back to play....I am soo glad we bought a swing set last year.
  • I most likely just jinxed the good weather he had this weekend, and it will be crappy for the next two weeks.
  • I followed through on a contract I signed, and I only drank Starbucks Vanilla Latte's with the regular amount of vanilla and non-fat milk for a week. So even though I didn't have a latte every day....every time I did it was as per contract. And I am OK with it...I can handle the normal amount of vanilla every time I get a latte. Now I guess I should work on cutting down on my Dr Pepper intake. Maybe.
  • My kids amaze me every day with the new things they learn. Colin can climb the huge tower at Bounce U without any was soo cool to see him waaayy at the top! Lilly keeps learning new words, and my favorite phrase right now is "Morning Mom".

So I think that is all for now....keep your fingers crossed that I didn't jinx the weather!


Katie said...

I think most moms can completely relate to the stress of a full calendar!

Good for you for cutting back on the vanilla in the lattes! And that it wasn't as bad as you thought it would be.

And congrats to Colin for being an excellent climber and Lilly for being so darn cute learning all her new words and phrases!

Allison & Ben said...

If only I had a full calendar. I am just waiting on all our crap to get here. It's a really long wait. The kids might drive me insane by then. Because of course we are at my SIL who does not have kids and so therefore, her main source of entertainment is putting on a show. I mean really how many shows can one kid watch. It will be interesting to see how her kids turn our once she does have some.

But good job on your coffee fix, glad to hear that you stuck to the plan. I miss the kids already. Don't forget to take pictures of them so I can see them grow up.

Sun Tea for Sinners said...

Good post! Feels like life, don't it?! For the record, vanilla is very addictive. It is made from the same chemicals as I crack, I'm quite sure. I'm very proud of you for resisting the monkey on your back.