Thursday, June 19, 2008

Turntable Thursday

Since I am a Mom, and since my kids have my genes and my husbands genes, they love listening to music. Even before Colin was born, he owned a CD player and two CD's. One is the "Sleepytime" lullaby CD from Martha Stewart, and the other is one Seth made for him called "Colin's CD" (OK it has another title, but Seth insists on keeping that as something for the original copy only). Lilly also listens to the "Sleepytime" CD, and Seth made a CD just for her called "Shine" (no insisting on keeping that title a secret, hrmmm). My biggest problem is finding music that all of us can and will listen to. I HATE Raffi, and buying a Wiggles CD is totally out of the question. Colin doesn't like any of the satellite radio stations I listen to, so what CD's (well, nowdays MP3's) can I buy that the kids will like, and I can listen to also? Damn good thing some of my favorite bands are putting out kid's albums! I know there are compilations where a band will sing a traditional kids song (Cake on For the Kids for example) but not every song on those CD's is awesome, and I end up skipping most of the CD. Barenaked Ladies (BNL) just put out a kids album called "Snack Time". It is so cool! They DJ'd a few hours on the Sirius Radio station "Kids Stuff" and all of the songs they played were from the new CD. I just had to buy it. It has some silly songs (similar to If I Had a Million Dollars) and some songs that kinda teach a few things. I have loved BNL since I heard The Old Apartment, and even though I am not so inclined to see a concert...I will keep buying their albums. Check out "Snacktime" and let me know what you kids love it, and so do I!


Sun Tea for Sinners said...

I'm so glad you mentioned BNL's new CD, so much fun!! I wish more bands would do things like that for kids. What about Johnny and the Sprites? I totally have a crush on him, ask Kate.

Allison & Ben said...

I'm so sad that my speakers are not working. I have to get new ones. I feel like I'm missing out. But I understand about finding music everyone can listen too! Not that we usually do, but hey it's nice every once in a while.

Love BNL's I had a chance to see them in concert when I was in high school, I know a long time ago, but they were great. I totally recommened them.

Katie said...

What about "They Might Be Giants"? My kids love songs like "Particle Man", "Birdhouse in Your Soul" and "Istanbul" and they have a new kids CD/DVD combo.
I also like Laurie Berkner and Lisa Loeb does some kids songs that are fun, too. And I like BNL -always fun songs that you'll let the kids listen to.

And, yes, Kim does have a crush on Johnny.

Carrott said...

I was saving "They Might Be Giants" for next month. I figured since everyone that reads my blog is a Mom, I ought to "review" a kids CD once in a while. Colin LOVES "Take Out the Trash" even though he doesn't quite understand it!