Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm the wife of a man who will not refuse a dare.

Let me explain. The whole time I have known Seth he has taken just about any dare offered to him. Especially if it involves money. Before we had kids, he was dared to lick the flap of the garbage can in European Connection for $5. He did it. About a year ago he overheard a co-worker (well, she's an ex-coworker now) talking about the "11" at the Wing Coop in Holladay, and he decided to complete it. 11 wings in the 11 sauce in 11 minutes, he did it in 10 minutes 42 seconds and he doesn't like to eat wings (something about the bones). So when he heard about the challenge at Chunga's I wasn't surprised when he said he's try it. Chunga's is a very tasty Mexican food restaurant in well, what Seth called "The Ghetto". It is at 200 South and 900 West (well, in that area) which isn't the nicest part of SLC. The challenge is to eat 27 tacos in 45 minutes. And these aren't your Taco Bell tacos. I wasn't around the day Seth decided to do the Chunga's challenge, but our friend Kelly was. Kelly (burgersmoke) started a blog about the best tacos in the SLC area and my husband is a famous part of that blog now. Read all about Seth's experience on SLC Tacos. A Champion Will Be Made Today... and Seth vs. 27 Tacos- The Aftermath So if you decide to dare my husband to eat something strange, or to bet him he won't eat something, be aware, he will be up to the challenge. (I know the SLC Tacos posts were a bit ago, and I started my post about the same time, but I forgot about them, and decided to share during NaBloPoMo, crafty aren't I?)