Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm a Mom showing part of her "Real Life".

*Sigh* This week's You Capture challenge, Real Life, was tough for me. I have a hard time telling most people about what really goes on in my "Real" life. Not that I paint everything to be all sunshine and roses, but very few people know some of the day to day conflicts we go through in the Behunin household.
I'm not going to share everything in this post, but here is a little peek into my "Real Life".
I have a 3 year old daughter. Those of you that have had (or do have) 3 year old daughter, or a 3 year old for that matter, know they get so frustrated when they try to do something on their own and it doesn't work out right. One example is when my daughter tries to put on her pants. Inevitably things go wrong and she freaks out. But once she asks for some help (or gets some help), the waterworks shut off in an instant.
Waaahhh! I can't do it!

Yay! I got help. If these pics look staged, or fake it is because the pouty face and the whining and crying ARE fake. Every time. And it is loud and obnoxious. And no matter how many times I tell her I can't hear or understand her when she is whining, it still happens multiple times a day! It's enough to pull my hair out!

Then there is my son. Between the homework and the reading (and the fighting over homework and reading) EVERY NIGHT I don't have a lot of time for much housework, so once again the kitchen is a mess most of the time.

Son actually reading without a fight

Dirty dishes in the sink, as usual

After the kids have gone to bed, I stretch out on the bed and play on the computer. Oh, who am I kidding? I am on and off the computer all day long. I know, I know, my kitchen wouldn't look like the pic above if I wasn't on the computer all day, but some days, it is just the perfect getaway from the laundry, the vacuuming and the toilet cleaning. Especially the toilet cleaning.

I LOVE the skin on my laptop, so girly!

And last, but not least, my REAL LIFE consists of a drink or two (OK sometimes 3) a few nights a week, so I can unwind and de-stress. Sometimes it is a chocolate martini, or a margarita, but last night it was a glass of Barefoot White Zinfandel wine. (I know most of you know this is part of my real life, but there are some out there that either don't know, or don't approve. Well, I'm putting it out there. Some times I need a drink to stay sane, and I don't care who knows it.)

I like how the wine looks in this one, kind of fun!

So those are my "Real Life" You Capture photos. Go to I Should Be Folding Laundry and see what fun stuff Beth and her readers have in store for you!

Oh! And this week, I WILL, visit more of your You Capture posts, I promise! There are just not enough hours in the day sometimes!


Amanda said...

We had barefoot wine in my real life too!

tippytoe foxtrot said...

1. 3 year olds and pants don't mix all that well sometimes.
2. Rest better knowing that my sink looked (shudder) much worse than that this past week.
3. A drink or two? Yes, please.

Doug @ Daddy's Tired said...

That laptop skin is cool...Not sure I could pull off pink, but I think I should look for something for mine...Thanks for the inspiration

~Mendie~ said...

Love your background! (LOL-mines the same)

Great shots...and good wine!

Anonymous said...

lol...I didn't know it was possible to get through life with toddlers without alcohol! A chocolate martini sounds you make it yourself? I only know how to make lemon drop martinis.

The pouty face cracked me up...I see it throughout the day too.

Thanks for the glimpse into your real life!

Allison and Ben said...

too fun, I think a lot of time people tend to gloss over real life when in public. Way to let it out there. At least her pants are on the correct way, Bear likes his backwards, pretty much always.

Sarah said...

glad to hear I'm not the only one who fights over school work with the kids. ugh!

homeschool and a clean house do not go in the same sentence... it's IMPOSSIBLE!

Thanks for keeping it real, helps to know we're not alone!!

--It's Your Movie-- said...

The toddler antics are so so so familiar.

Related: I love Barefoot Wine.

Actually, I usually just buy the Target wine cube because come on, it's like 4 bottles!

Saj said...

I love the peek into your real life, especially because I realize I'm not alone with the 3-year-old antics! And the dirty kitchen. And the laying around playing on the computer all night. Sounds about right!

Kathleen said...

Thanks for visiting Treasured Chapters!

And thanks for being so open and honest in this post! Have been there at that 3yo stage 4 times. I know it can be SOOOO frustrating! Thankfully, it does get better. Of course, those frustrations are replaced with others, but such is the life of Motherhood! :-)

Love your comments about the computer. And my hubby makes a mean margarita!!

Tiaras said...

man my 3 year old cries all - ALL - the time too!! My ears hurt by the end of the day