Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm a Mom that took her kids to see They Might Be Giants

OK, my husband took them too! They Might Be Giants is a band that has been around a long time. One of my friends even said "I went and saw them like 20 years ago!" When their fans started getting older and having kids, they started making albums full of kids songs. I'm pretty sure if you have kids, or nieces and nephews (or even grandchildren) you've heard a few of their songs. (One of the most famous is the new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song). They came to SLC last year, and I was a bit peeved they didn't have a kids show, or perform at an all ages venue. So I don't know if they heard I was mad (ha, ha, ha) or they realized they have a TON of kid fans too but this time they performed twice while they were here! I don't think our kids knew what to expect from a rock concert, so I don't think they were too excited. We waited for 30 minutes until we got into the venue (Murray Theater) and for 35-40 minutes more after we got in. As we waited they showed the DVD from their new album Here Comes Science, and that was pretty cool. It kept the kids entertained, and made me want to go buy the CD/DVD. Once they started to play, it was awesome! Colin loved being able to watch them play, and when they started playing the electric drums (those are so cool) he realized we weren't lying when we told him they would have some unusual instruments. They Might Be Giants played a few songs for the adults (Particle Man) but most of them were all about the kids. They shot confetti through the air a few times, and Lilly was disappointed it didn't reach her the first time. The second time she was asleep! Yes! She fell asleep during a concert. Seth had her up on his shoulders, and she fell asleep. Luckily even after he went into the lobby, he was still able to hear the music. I just can't believe she missed a lot of the show. Oh well! I'll be able to tell her all about it when she grows up. Even though the tickets were a little expensive, if They Might Be Giants comes to town again and plays a kids show, I am SO THERE!


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Allison and Ben said...

So much fun. I'm glad you guys had a fun time. We have only tried the symphony on the lawn with our kids, so who knows about a concert.