Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm a little busy too. Just a little.

Even though I have spent most of my time at home this weekend, I've been busy. I realized that I won't have much time after Thanksgiving to take pictures for, make, and order Christmas Cards, or the Calendars I give to Grandparents each Christmas. So I've been putting those together. I had a hard time deciding what pics to use for the calendar, and I didn't have pics for Christmas yet, so I had to take those. I hate taking posed pics of my kids! They are never good for me! (I wanted to have a friend take some pics of us this year, but all of my weekends have been full or hers have been full, so I never made a "date" to get them done. Hopefully in the Spring Jan!) So we had a mini photo session this afternoon, and I picked the best shots of them that I could.

I'm also getting ready for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Luckily no one is coming here for dinner, but I DO have to make 1 pie, and 1 side dish and of course help once we get to my parents house. I decided to get my fixings today, so I wouldn't be in the middle of the crazy, crazy Thanksgiving shoppers later in the week. It was still crazy, but not as crazy as it will be on Wednesday.

So that is my weekend. Been waiting for the snow that was in the forecast to be here yesterday afternoon, and then THIS afternoon, but it hasn't materialized. Most likely it will be here just in time for the morning commute.

(Day 22 of NaBloPoMo and I'm still going! You surprised? I AM!)


Janice said...

Oh, and what happened to your little?

Janice said...

Spring is as lovely time. But so are snow pics. And @ Costco you can order calendars until the 13th (I think).