Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm a Twilight Saga fan(ish) too.

So, I liked the books. Well, loved the books. And have been excited for the movies (but not so excited I dressed like Bella, or stood in line for hours just to get tickets). I didn't even see Twilight until my friend Mel had a Twilight viewing party when it came out on DVD (that was so much fun!) Last night I got to see New Moon with a bunch of friends at an early showing of the movie! Katie's neighborhood did a fundraiser and for a small donation we got a ticket to an exclusive showing of New Moon. The fundraiser coordinator ROCKED! She got a whole theater for the early showing just for people that donated to the cause. It was so great to be able to see the movie at 6:00PM the night before opening day, in a theater where I knew I wouldn't have to deal with too many Twilight crazed teenage girls. Although there were some crazy women (like the Mom that brought her newborn to the show, I mean, WTH? Leave the kids at home) most of the theater was pretty insync with what was going on, on screen. (I loved that when Jacob first came onto the screen everyone went "ewww!" because he still had his long hair) The theater was pretty quiet most of the time and it was really nice to just watch a movie! I got to sit in a row with most of my friends, and no one made fun of me for wearing my New Moon t-shirt (at least not to my face). All in all the movie was better than Twilight, but could have been better in general. I'm interested to see if the other two movies will get subsequently better as the budgets get larger. I will buy the DVD, just so I can have the collection (OK, and so I can look at Jacob's abs whenever I want-Oooooh baby!) but it isn't a movie that I will watch too often. The most fun of the night was when we went to dinner after the movie! MacCool's remains one of my favorite places to eat and hang, especially if we get a fun waiter. Do you remember Ed from this post? Well, Ed was our waiter last night! A bunch of crazy women, along with a pretty crazy waiter makes for a crazy evening! Jabs thrown here and there, and great service, is why I love MacCool's so much! I need to go more often, even if it is just for a drink and an appetizer before a movie. So to summarize: New Moon the movie 1 thumb up, MacCool's for the after party 2 thumbs and a big toe up. (Luckily we didn't have to much to drink that it was 2 thumbs and a New Moon shirt up)

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Allison and Ben said...

You make me laugh. I miss McCool's too, it was so much fun. I hope to see the movie soon, sounds like fun.