Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm Fighting the Frump in Vegas!

*Since I am on a weekend trip, this post was written before I left.... There is no better way to Fight The Frump than to hang with girlfriends...OUT OF TOWN! Hopefully at this moment I am sipping a glass of wine either by the pool, or looking at the awesome view...and just being me, the un-frumpy me. I haven't given you an update on the products I have tried so here we go: I am still loving the brown sugar scrub. I haven't used up the 1/2 recipe yet, but it will be gone soon. I still highly reccomend you make it, and make it with cinnamon, or cloves instead of the ginger, AND I even reccomend you even use it on your son has horrible dry skin on his knees and ankles and he loves it when I use the scrub on his legs! The Fashion Forms Breast Petals work beautifully! I just need to remember to actually use them. Try 'em out and see for yourself! No nipples! I'm still telling you the Soothing Care Chafing Relief Gel is awesome.....if you haven't bought some....DO IT NOW! John Frieda's hair glaze still makes my hair soft and shiny. I have only used it 3 or so times, so the bottle has lasted me quite a while, but it is a product I will buy time and time again! Even though the summer is over here in Utah..Certain Dri is still something I will use every night. If you aren't embarassed to tell your spouse he needs it (or even your extended stay guests, hope they are gone Cindy!) stick it in a will fit nicely! I guess that is it for this week. Mrs. Fussypants might have a post.....check it out.