Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm a Mom that has been tagged again!

Katie tagged me again, this time with a Google Images Meme. Here we go!
My favorite vacation:
Kauai, Hawaii, my fave island. A little known fact about me:

I'm left handed. Some people know, but forget. My favorite color:

My favorite treat:

Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie from Chili's! My favorite fruit:

My middle name:

I don't have one. Where I live now:

Where I grew up:

Orem, UT Where I'd like to vacation:

Amsterdam! (Or all of Europe) My first name:

My pet peeve:

My favorite animal(s):
My Past Love:
My greatest wish:

I used the double happiness sign because I wish is Happiness for both my kids!

WOW! That took me three days (on and off) I'm gonna poop out and not tag anyone else. BUT if you want to do this meme...go ahead...let me know if you do it, and I'll check it out!


Katie said...

One day, we're going to have to go to Chili's for margaritas and Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie.

I didn't know you liked to sing, so I learned something new!

Allison and Ben said...

You did a great job on picking you pics. Love the name one. I did not know that you did not have a middle name, very interesting.

Vicki said...

I enjoyed that - good job! Your favorite animals are soooo cute!