Sunday, October 19, 2008

I missed things while I was gone!

Lilly grew up while I was gone! She is now talking in more of a sentence structure. My favorite word she can say is "Awesome". She said "Wow this is so awesome" and I then asked her what is Awesome here are her answers: My hair Me My Room-(then she said "My room messy, clean it up, do my chores" ) Jannell and Javin Grandma's House Bubba Bubba Grandma and Grandpa Daddy It was so looks like she learned some things while I was gone,I totally missed it!


Allison and Ben said...

Don't you hate that when they do something cute and you miss it? At least you get to fully enjoy it since you are back.

Beth said...

Totally!!! I think the kids both got bigger over here in Phoeni too!!! ;)
OH, BTW, Chet got his Pink Taco shirt about 14 seconds after I got home. Me and my inability to keep presents & surprises. Sigh.
I think we all knew this would be the case.