Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm a Mom reminding you of a post!

Because I'm a Mom and that is what I do. And because I really DO want your opinion. Some of you may not have seen the post about me needing a change. I know when a blog I read does same day posts, I sometimes miss one. So check out my post and give me some begins soon! (And thanks to those that did read the post and commented!) PS Katie sent me an email with some styles she liked (thanks Katie!) Here are the links so you can check them out too! Gwyneth Marcia Maria Patricia

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Cindy said...

The Gwyneth hair is really cute. A month ago, I a-lined my hair pretty short. I had researched what style I wanted by looking through magazines. Now, a month later I'm not sure if I like it. :( Guess it's because people stopped telling me it was cute and then I missed my long hair.