Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm continuing to Fight the Frump by following my daily checklist

Last week I fell off the "Fight the Frump Wagon". It was a crappy day and it felt so good to stay at home wearing sweatpants and having my hair in a ponytail, no leaving the house for anything but to drop off and pick up my kid from the bus stop.
I then started to get back into the swing of fighting the frump by going through my own checklist in my head. So this week is kind of a Fight the Frump Review, just to keep us all in tip, top Frump Fighting shape!
Fight The Frump Checklist
1- Wear make up whenever you leave the house :OK so I have been a little slacking on this front, I'm gonna add, "or your car" to that statement, just so I can get away with having no make up on when I drop the 5 year old off at the bus stop.
2-Find clothes that fit your body type: I think I'm still doing pretty well in that category...some of you may beg to differ, but don't let me know about it here, please tell me about the ill fitting shirt I wear in private.
3-Always wear Jewelry: I have no problems there! I at least have a cute pair of earrings on all the time!
4-Wear your sunglasses as a hair accessory: Have you ever seen me without my sunglasses? Even if the time of day changes while I am out, my sunglasses are still on top of my head, holding my hair back!
5-Take care of your hair style: OK you have seen my hair these days you know I have "No Comment". Gonna take care of that one after I get back from Vegas!
6-Wear great shoes: I still have great shoes to keep me in style, but ones that I can still chase the kids around in.
7- Wear Color: I try to make sure there is some color in my outfit. Even if it is in the necklace I am sporting, or in the shoes I slip on.
8- Keep your toes pedicured: So I have been doing my own lately, but am still keeping my toes maintained AND I am hoping to get a great one while on vacation in Vegas next week!
9-Try to keep stress free: A few times I day I try to take some deep breaths, and re-center myself.
10- Spend time with friends: At least two times a week I take the time to spend with friends and it helps keep me laughing and unfrumpy!
Keep your own checklist in your head when you go out of the house, or even when you stay in, and you will be Fighting The Frump!


Katie said...

I'm somewhat frumpy today: yoga pants and a t-shirt, but I have my make-up on and hair done. But I have no plans to leave my house other than to drop-off/pick-up a kid from school. And maybe have some friends over to visit. :-D

BTW, I never think you look frumpy. Ever.

Cindy said...

I can relate with the frump feeling. Gaining this pregnancy weight is making me feel kinda pooie, but you have some good suggestions to fight the frump. Think I will give myself a pedicure today!
Have fun in Vegas! You'll have to let me know how it goes. Let's plan a night out with the guys soon.

Anonymous said...

Stila has the BEST product! It is a tinted moisturizer. Kills two birds with one product! It ROCKS!!! On those lazy days, that, some mascara, and little shimmer brick (Bobbi Brown) It makes you look as though you are sitting by candlelight...It is the best!

I second what Giggles said!

Anjie said...

Thanks to Katie and Anonymous....but the reason you never see me looking frumpy is because I spend those days at home! were not even having a somewhat frumpy day....I say if you do you hair and wear makeup, you are un-frumpy no matter what you are wearing.

Cindy- Hope you enjoyed the pedi....make sure you get a few when you are further makes a world of difference!

Sun Tea for Sinners said...

Way to fight it sista! I'm still workin on the stress free thing. How do you do that????