Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm finally continuing my mixtape of life.

So as you all know I was in Las Vegas for a great weekend of friends and fun! This week's songs are two from that weekend. I couldn't come up with a third...since there were really only two songs we heard all weekend. 7-Shake It-Metro Station: We saw these guys in concert on Saturday evening. It was kinda weird to see 12 year old girls screaming over a band, knowing that if I would have seen NKOTB when I was young, I would have been one of those girls. 8-Space Oddity- David Bowie: This is the first song on a CD that Nicole played over and over in the car. The CD is what she will walk down the catwalk to in the 2008 Hair Wars competition at the Hard Rock at the end of this month. Not only did we listen to it over and over again.....BUT we all had it in our heads the entire weekend! On more than one occasion Beth or Nicole would serenade us with the correct lyrics, or the incorrect lryics, or even the dirty ones (or was that just in my head?)

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Anonymous said...

Ground control to major time!!!!!

The 3rd should be Womanizer... B-spot was stuck on it for 2 days!!!!