Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm thinking about my "life's Mixtape" still too.

For those of you just tuning in take a look at this post here. I am continuing my "life's mixtape" series (oooh, I sound professional here) with just a few random songs that either remind me of specific times in my life, or a number of years (IE. High School). 4- The Gambler: Kenny Rogers- Well, I guess any song on his Greatest Hits (1980) album . My parents had/have the cassette tape and I grew up listening to it so much that I know every word to every song...I can sing along without breaking a sweat. So, this song (and the album) represents my childhood. 5-I think We're Alone Now: Tiffany This was the first cassette tape I owned! I think I still have it packed away somewhere. I got good grades in 6th grade or was it 7th, and my Mom bought it for me as a reward. I loved Tiffany, mostly because she has red red-headed role models were few and far between as I was growing up. 6- Everything I Do-:Bryan Adams- OK, don't laugh...the movie Robin Hood Prince of Thieves came out when I was in 9th grade. During my 9th grade year (now don't laugh at this either) I was in a group of actors that was chosen to compete in the Utah High School Shakespeare Competition. We had rehearsal for weeks on end, before school, and after school and we all became close friends (or as close as you can in the 9th grade, you remember those Jr. High insecurities....but I digress). We chose a song that was meant to represent our friendship, something that would make us think of our time spent together, and that was it. So that song represents that time in my life. (As a side note, I am not even friends with any of those people anymore, one guy even went so far as to tell my Dad some lies about me, after high school was over, I mean WTF!) I know that so far none of the songs on my "mixtape" have been life changing, or have had the utmost of meaning, but stay tuned....I have three more to share with you next week!


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That Bryan Adams song has a meaning for me, too. I'll have to share it with you in person. Too much to write here.