Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'm bummed I didn't market these!

I am not sure how I found these....but I am wishing I would have been the one to market them first! For a long time I have wanted to have cards printed up to place on cars to let the person know they pissed me off (anonymously of course) by the way they parked, the way they drove or even the way they decided to park in the space next to me as I am loading kids and groceries when there are many other spaces available. Some people just need to be told they are assholes, since they are quite unaware that there are other people in this world. I might just order the Urban Asshole cards and keep them in my purse for any of the occasions listed on the card. Hopefully none of you will get one on your car*! ;>) *Like I would really do that to any of all know how passive-aggressive I can be!


Katie said...

Those are hilarious. I also liked the "Shush!" for the movie theater cards.

Cindy said...

You are so funny, I have tears laughing at this. It is so true, some people just need to be told they are assholes. Once I was rollerblading at Liberty Park and this lady in a minivan almost hit me at the crosswalk, because she didn't even slow down. So, I went to my car and got lipstick and wrote "you drive like shit" on her window. It made me feel sooo much better!

Sun Tea for Sinners said...

I used to just swear in my car. Now I honk and swear just to let everyone else know I'm pissed off too.