Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm feeling the heat (Indian Summer heat that is) FTF

Even though there is a chill to the air here in Utah, the High Temp has still been in the high 70's, low 80's. We thought we were over the"heat wave" and that fall was near. Alas, I still go out and sweat like there is no tomorrow. OK, I know, I know...."Never let them see you sweat" and never talk about it either. Well, if you want to Fight The Sweaty Frump, we have to talk about it. I know there are prescription deodorants and Anti-perspirants, but who wants to talk to their Dr. about that? Unless you sweat excessively, you don't have to go to your Dr. to stop sweating, you just have to go to the drugstore and buy:

You can find it just about anywhere and it it less expensive than its counterpart, Secret Clinical Strength. They work the same way, put it on at night and no sweat in the morning! (My only problem is remembering to put in on at night). Certain Dri has a whole line of products...try them out!

PS I found a place that sells my fave face mask! Walgreens carries the Queene Helene Mint Julep face mask for cheap! ($3.79 here in Utah) and the person I talked to said she stocks it all the time since it is one of their best sellers! I'm now off to mask and clean out those pores!

UPDATE* Mrs. Fussypants posted her FTF...check it out!


Katie said...

I've never even seen this brand of deodorant. But I'll be heading to my local Walgreens as soon as I'm back from vaca!

Sun Tea for Sinners said...

Sounds better than Botox in your armpits! I'm off to Walgreens!

Amanda-Lou said...

I love certian dry! That's all I use now my dearest Aunt! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cindy said...

Think my stinky ass house guests need some of that because I swear they don't use anything!!! Help me Angie!!