Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm struggling with my music choices!

I know I promised a new set of songs that depict my short life...but I am struggling to come up with something that A) isn't too cheesy B) My husband would be OK with me sharing* or C) a song that actually means something to me, and I didn't just throw on there to make the list complete. So here is a little confession: Last night I imported a few of the CD's Seth made for me onto iTunes so I could sync them to my iPod (do I sound like I know what I am doing or what!?). Because they are homemade, the song names don't automatically import along with the music. I had to go through about 40 songs and name them and the artist so they would be organized on my iPod. I had a hard time remembering the names of most of the artists! Like Beck, and the Thompson Twins, and even Led Zepplin! I suck! There were a few obscure artists like Elastica (I totally got that one) and Chantal Kreviazuk (didn't get that one) but these songs were one CD's I have had for years! I would have thought I could have named more of them without the help of the Internet (google and rocked for that purpose though!) So my confession is that even though music is a huge part of my life, I am horrible at remembering names of songs, and who sings them. The worst part, I am pretty good with names of people and details in everyday life....why can't that trickle on over to my music knowledge? So hopefully next week I will be able to remember the names and artists of songs that aren't cheesy and that mean something to me. Maybe this weekend full of Rocktober fun will bring some new ones to light! *To be fair, I haven't asked Seth if I can share any of the songs I want to put on here....I just haven't gotten around to it....he may or may not say it is stay tuned!


Katie said...

Ask me about movies. Even movies I haven't seen and I can probably tell you the name of the movie and who starred in it and the basic premise of the movie. But for the life of me, I can't seem to keep people's names straight (although I USED to be able to!). I think it must be the way our brains are wired or something. Or maybe mine is so full of movie trivia, that there's no room left for names.

Sun Tea for Sinners said...

Your list is makeing me ponder my own list. They don't write many song about girls that get knocked up in high school. I'm gonna have to take a different direction.