Friday, October 10, 2008

I've been tagged!

When one of Katie's friends tagged her (I read her friends post), I knew it was only a matter of time before she tagged me too! Here it is:

This Picture Tag involves taking the 4th file of photos on your computer and posting the 4th picture from that file. Since my husband is a computer nerd (hi honey!) I have access to 2 sets of picture files, so I am going to give you two pics!

This was from a photo shoot at my parents house. I was trying to get a pic of the kids for the December page of a calendar I was making for Christmas gifts.

#2 (this one is a way better one!)

This is tiny, tiny Colin when he was less than a month old, and home from the hospital for only a week. (Collective "awwww!") He wiggled his hands out of the swaddling and just looked so adorable sleeping like that. I now tag Allison...she's gotta have some great pictures!


Janice said...

OMG! How little was he? He looks ittiest bittiest. My angel was NEVER that small. I guarantee it! Especially cause you said he was small. That was never a word used for mine, until she didn't grow (heightwise) between 2 well check ups.

Katie said...

I've never seen a baby picture of Colin, but he looks exactly the same, just tinier.

Anjie said...

Colin was 3lbs 14oz when he was born and when they let him leave the hospital. It was kinda scary bringing him home, but such a relief too.

Rachel said...