Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm a Mom taking a break from her life "Mixtape"

I'm having trouble choosing the next three songs on my life's mixtape. There are so many good songs out there to choose from. So I am putting my "series" on hold for at least a week to make sure I choose the right songs to share. On to new music! Kings of Leon have been popping up everywhere (Letterman, Sirius Radio stations, SNL) and I am not quite sure what I think of them. I might just have to buy their album and see...I listened to the song Crawl on (get a snippet over on the right) and I think they are a band I could go see in person. BUT there was another one I heard on Sirius Radio (there wasn't a name) and I think I could just listen on my iPod. I guess I am just undecided.....let me know if you have heard of them, and what you think, if I break down and buy the album, I'll give more feedback later!


Katie said...

Never heard of them. I think they are just okay. I wouldn't turn the radio dial (do they actually still have dials on any radios??) but I wouldn't put it on my iPod. You know, if I HAD an iPod.

Anonymous said...

Human-The Killers

Best song heard in a while!

Days go by-Dirty Vegas


Sun Tea for Sinners said...

My mixed tape changes daily. I couldn't keep up.