Friday, May 30, 2008

Fight The Frump Friday

This week I want to talk about spending time away from the kids. Fighting the Frump totally includes taking the time to be by yourself, or with friends, or even a date with your hubby/significant other. It makes you feel rejuvinated, and refreshed, and that in turn makes you look less frumpy.
In the past I have vowed to have babysitter's come at the same time on the same day each week. Lately that has been a bit hard to do...too many things going on, and I totally feel the difference in my mood and the way I interact with my kids and hubby. I need that time each week to do something for myself. I am going to start doing it again once the middle school is out for the summer (next week, hurray!) just to get myself back!

Try it...I challenge all of you to take a bit of time each week to refresh yourselves by taking time away from the kids. Whether is it a weekly date night, or a weekly babysitter for a couple of hours, OR even just locking yourself in the bathroom to read a book and/or take a bath...just fight the frump!!!

As always....brought to you by Fussy!


Darla said...

When my son was a toddler I used to hire a high school girl to come in and watch him for a few hours so I could do whatever I wanted/needed to do

Valarie said...

We so need a date night! Its just so hard to do sometimes.

mah-meeee said...

oh i so need some time alone!!

i need it so badly that i actually dreamt about taking a long hot bath!

thanks for the tip/reminder!

Sister Honey Bunch said...

Amen, sister! Every Wednesday night is time for me and a couple friends. We meet for coffee, do a little Bible Study or accountability thing, and then let loose and have fun!

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

The bathroom! The bathroom! Let's hear it for bathrooms with locks!

Katie said...

I wish I knew some a girl that I could have watch my kids for a few hours. Because I would do something weekly if I could.