Thursday, May 22, 2008

Where's Russia, huh Ed?

I went to MacCool's for MNO with a large group of girlfriends last night. We always have a ton of fun when we go.....even if Rusty isn't our waiter. (Lot's of competition right now between Rusty and Ed...I guess we will have to see what happens next time we all go out!)

Anyway....Ed made a comment to Emily about her fries "Do you want some 'Russian' with those?" and of course a few of us made some smart ass remarks about Italians being better etc. etc. (OK so I admit that was me and Alice) when Heather pipes up "What is Russian?".... and Ed says "It's that big pink thing on the globe". The next thing we know Ed comes back with a MAP in hand! A MAP! Who the hell has a MAP at MacCool's? He opens it up and shows Heather where Russia is (although to be fair...Heather knows what "Russian" is...she just didn't realize he was talking about the salad dressing).

So here are some pics of "Ed and his map" courtesy of Allison.

This is Russia, the big orange thing (Oh! And Emily too!)

Ed and the map

He told us the teaches 6th graders about Global Importing and Exporting and such....but we aren't so sure about that if we could only figure out what the "X's" are really for!


Katie said...

God, that was funny. I like servers like Ed (I'm sure Rusty is great, too). Makes going out so much more enjoyable.

Be sure to invite me next time you plan a non-MNO visit to MacCools.

Carrott said...

You will totally be invited "giggles!" I think we should make it a monthly adventure!

Holly said...

Very fun night out. Good plan Anj- I absolutely love Ed, but my heart still belongs to Rusty. Although Rusty has never pulled out his map for us....We'll have to work on that!

Sun Tea for Sinners said...

Fun! I remember fun. They have that in the city, right?