Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Lilly!

Today is Lilly's 2nd Birthday. Happy Birthday Lillian Grace! She has become such a little girl these last few baby is no longer a baby! I love that she likes to try to have a "conversation" with a group of people, just to be included. Even though the "Mom, Mommy, Mama" stuff bugs the crap out of me...sometimes it can be kinda cute. She doesn't have much hair yet...but we are getting there.

Lilly's vocabulary is extensive.....if you can understand "ending talk", since she says the end part of many words, an a lot of them sound alike. "Bubba" is her favorite word and her favorite person! You should see her eyes light up like the stars when she realizes Colin is home from school, or awake from a nap. He idolizes her also, he is so sweet to her....sometimes too sweet.

Lilly likes to "go". No matter what is happening in any given day, if I get her dressed she wants to "go" right then and there. She loves the car, and hardly ever fights when I get her strapped into the car seat. One of her favorite places to go is to "play". As long as we are around friends, she is happy. I'm glad she is a big people person...she takes after her Mom.

So...happy birthday sweetie....I'm thrilled to see you grow up, but also a little sad, since you are no longer a baby. Love you!
PS Pics will come later, quite possibly tomorrow!


Allison & Ben said...

Happy Birthday Lilly. I hope your second year is a great one!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday, Lilly! You are a really sweet, cute, adorable little girl.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!