Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools Day

Happy April Fools Day! I usually don't play any tricks or pranks on April 1st, I'm not clever enough to think of any to "get" my hubby with. (The "I'm pregnant!" one doesn't work....he knows me too well!) But this year Colin is old enough to understand what jokes are, and to even be able to play some himself. Sooo....yesterday as I was folding laundry, I switched the guy's underwear. I put Colin's in DH's drawer and vice versa. I had to be pretty sneaky since DH started helping me fold once he got home. This morning I was 1/2 asleep when DH opened a drawer in his dresser I said "April Fools!" and he said "What?" I sat up and realized he had opened his t-shirt drawer first. Dang! That didn't work! I explained my "prank" and he thought it was a bit funny, and wanted to be here when Colin opened his drawer. (He was a little worried that Colin would unknowingly put them on!) Later in the morning, I keept trying to get Colin to get dressed. I didn't have any place I wanted to go, and I think he sensed that. It was so hard to get him to start getting dressed! He finally decided to get dressed in play clothes! (Score one for Mom!) I reminded him to change his underwear, and as he blindly grabbed a HUGE (well, HUGE to him) pair out of his drawer, I tried so hard not to laugh. Then he held them up to himself and said "Huh? What is this Mom?" He almost put them on over the ones he was already wearing. I had to tell him it was April Fools Day, and that it was a joke. I didn't think he thought it was all that funny, until he told EVERYONE that came to our house today "Guess what Mom did to me today?" It was great! Do any of you have some memorable April Fools Pranks? Either ones that have been played on you, or that you have played on anyone?