Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom....MOM!

That is all I have heard these last few days.......after every "Mom" I say "What?" and I get "Mom" right back. It is getting really, really annoying, and I am not sure how to combat it. I can't just ignore her.....she only gets louder. I shout "WHAT! I AM RIGHT HERE!", and it makes her cry. Maybe I just need to run away...yeah that's it....I will run away and hide in the bathroom for a few hours (OK...minutes). But then, I will get the knocking on the door and the little fingers under the door, and eventually "bubba" will come to find me and he will push the door open (I really need to fix that lock). UGH! I guess she is just trying to make sure I know I am "Mom" and not actually a real person.


Aly said...

Hi there! I found your blog through Dawn's comment page - I am in the SLC area too. Your blog is so much fun. I especially love the Fight the Frump Friday series. Us SAHM's definitely need inspiration from one another - it's the hardest job in the world!!! Take care and feel free to visit me too - I love meeting new people this way :)

Katie said...

I just laughed (and then cried) because I know exactly what you are dealing with. You have my sympathies.