Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday's Wonderful Recipe-Fettuccini with Ham and Mushrooms in a Rose Sauce

So here is Wednesday’s Recipe, it is easier to make than the name implies. I find my recipes from quite a few places, blogs, recipe web sites, and friends. This one was made by a friend for a luncheon, but she found it on All Recipes is a great place to find a variety of recipes, including reviews and variations. My favorite feature is the “ingredient search”. You can type in any ingredient you have, AND even type in ingredients you don’t have (or that your husband won’t eat), and it will come up with a recipe match. It has saved us from the same old boring recipes quite a few times! So make Fettuccini with Ham and Mushroom Rose Sauce, (the picture with the recipe, isn't quite right, so don't go by that pic please!)and enjoy! (I make two batches ½ ham and mushroom, ½ just ham…DH doesn’t eat mushrooms, poor guy!)