Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fight The Frump Friday-Sunglasses as a hair accessory

Once again, we try to Fight The Frump. This week it will be short. Sunglasses are one of the greatest accessories of all time! Not only are they great at helping us fight sun damage (wear them whenever you are in the sun!) but they are great at holding your hair out of your face. It almost doesn't matter how drap your hair looks, as long as you slide your groovy glasses up on top of your head.....your hair has instant sass. So go to some new sunglasses to use as a hair accessory! (I know this is being posted early...don't know if I will get the chance to post tomorrow, I've got a busy day ahead!)


Katie said...

I would wear sunglasses if I didn't wear regular glasses so I could actually see. I have prescription sunglasses, but it's too much work to carry both pairs of glasses and exchange them every time I walk into or out of a building. But hopefully I'll soon be getting laser corrective surgery and I can buy all sorts of cute sunglasses.

Allison & Ben said...

Laser eye surgery was great, I don't regret it for a moment. With that said, in a past life I had a sunglass business in malls and so I totally agree that they make great accessories. Right now I have "winter" glasses, the tint is lighter for those cloudy days and need to get some darker lenses that are also plastic so that lifting to the head will be so much easier, and the hair will not poke out now. I love sunglasses but they don't always love me, I don't have a sunglass face, so sometimes it is hard to find the right pair.

Let Them Be Little said...

I found your blog off of Dawn's, I so hope she does a book signing in SLC! I can never find sunglasses that will actually hold my hair back, they always flop back down I think I might have a weird head!