Thursday, April 3, 2008

Salt Lake City Weekly "Best Of"

The local weekly indie paper, "City Weekly", does a "Best Of" issue each year. It is a pretty big deal, since the word gets out there about some local restaurants, shops, writers and even bloggers. Speaking of bloggers: dooce won best blogger of 2008. dooce rocks! She was on a local TV station today, that highlights the "Best Of" winners once a week. It was soooo cool to see her on TV, and realize her southern accent is still intact even after living in Utah for a while. I can't set up a link to the station's video segment, but if you go to and search for Heather Armstrong (aka dooce), you can find a "side bar" of segments of today's show. Her segment is the third one down (Big Budah is near a Lonley Planet sign). I wish I could find the story she is referring to in her blog archives, but I must not be searching correctly. If I evenutally find it, I will let you know! BTW...thanks for Katie for telling me about dooce. I was totally missing out!

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Katie said...

I usually watch Fox 13 in the morning and I missed this, so thanks for sharing!