Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm a woman with needs too~!

No, not those kinds of needs! (There are just some things I won't share on my blog!) Anyway....I totally agree with Mrs. Fussypants FTF post today. Shape your eyebrows! It isn't too hard, she'd got a great video to help you out. OR you can go spend a little $$ and get them waxed once, then keep them shaped well by using a great pair of tweezers! (Tweezerman makes some really spiffy ones and they sell them at Bed Bath and Beyond read 20% off coupon) I am one that needs to pluck even a little every day or my brows get unruly. Even if I get them waxed, I still keep a pair of cute pink tweezers handy for those stray hairs. So check out her post, and keep your eyebrows shaped! It's a small and easy way to Fight The Frump! Oh and for you guys out there (you know who you are) you can always get a Micro Touch Magic to keep from sporting a Bert style unibrow!

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Cindy said...

Why does plucking your eyebrows hurt sometimes and sometimes it doesn't? I have more of an issue with my manstache. I finally paid to have it lasered because #1, I was self conscious of a dark hairy lip and B, I was sick of doing the cream remover once a week. It was gone until I got pregnant. Damn hormones are ruining my (switch to valley girl voice now) manstache free upper lip!