Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm a Cure Fan too!

But I didn't always used to be. Well, I liked their most popular songs during Jr. High and High School, but I didn't start really listening to specific albums until I married Seth. Come to think of it, Seth should be the one writing these music posts....he's the one that tells me about the cool music I listen to....I wonder if I could get him to do that for me...hmmmm. Anyway....The Cure has a new album. I didn't know this until I listened to Parker's show on Tuesday while he and Dallan were reviewing it. (God I am so out of the loop sometimes!) I like listening to The fact two of my ring tones on my cell phone are from The Cure (Lullaby and Just Like Heaven). They invoke a bit of 80's/90's nostalgia, as well as some great 00's concert nostalgia. *sigh* From what I heard of the new album...I like it, but other people beg to differ. Each song is fairly reminiscent of another Cure song, but that is OK with me. Other's listening to the review weren't as impressed. I guess you have to be a Cure Fan to appreciate 4:13 Dream. I will most likely buy the album on iTunes, just so I have it as part of my music collection, but that is just me!


Katie said...

I'm a Cure fan, too. But things kind of went a little downhill for them after "Disintigration." I missed Parker's review of the new album, but I'm sure I wouldn't change the channel if one of their new songs came on the radio.

Cindy said...

My old best friend in high school was OBSESSED with the Cure, so I kind of got burned out on them. That's cool they have a new album. I'll have to check it out.