Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm a Mom coming out of her funk with a little help.

So I am slowly coming out of my funk. Halloween is over, and there are still a few more weeks left until the food stress of Thanksgiving. I am pretty much done Christmas Shopping for the kids...we scaled way back this year, and it feels really good! Something arrived in the mail today that has helped me climb out of my hole of despair. I have been debating telling you guys about this, because...well....because I feel like there are some things I am allowed to be selfish about. But in the spirit of the upcoming Holiday Season, and to try to help out some of those very talented people that are awesome at hand making many cool things. The Little Black Box (LBB) is a company run by an innovative woman (Kim) helping get the word out about handmade goods. LBB is actually a bag full of handmade samples and even some full sized items along with some coupons for etsy shops and websites that gets sent to your mailbox just for you to enjoy! (that was a mouthful!) I have purchased three Little Black Boxes and each time something different arrives! It is just like opening your stocking on Christmas Morning. This month I got two different handmade soaps, quite a few handmade cards, an awesome mini pendant, a pair of earrings (last month I got 3 pair!) and many other really cool items that make me want to spend all day on the internet checking out the shops they came from. October's LBB is on sale now for $19 and that includes Priority might seem like a lot, but if you count up how much each sample would cost you to buy and ship it, it is an amazing steal! Take a look, even if it is just to check out the vendors that are in October's LBB, OR November's LBB. PS Also check out Kim's LBB blog where she reviews things that she finds online, or things that will be in the next month's LBB. It's awesome!!!!