Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm a Mom that is relaxing after an eventful evening (updated)

No need to rehash the whole night in detail, but here are the "highlights".
Son comes upstairs saying his tummy hurts and he might throw up.
Son climbs into bed with a fever, won't let Mom see how high of a fever, and falls asleep.
Daughter eats dinner by herself.
Daughter needs a bath.
Daughter poops in bath.
Daughter cries and cries and cries because she has pooped in the bath.
Mom cleans the bathtub.
Daughter, still crying, gets bathed, dressed and candy to shut her up.
Son is still hot from fever and asleep.
Daughter is sent to bed, but won't sleep without Daddy saying goodnight.
Mom, exhausted from those few hours of chaos, has one of these at the suggestion of a friend:

White Russian Fixin's

Mom feels better and is glad Daddy is on the way home.

Daughter is still awake. UGH!

Update: Mom spills White Russian on lap and bed sheets...Mom is going to bed!


Erin said...

Ha ha! Some days you can just never win. I had one of those days this week - you're just braver than I am to blog about it! :)

Katie said...

I'm glad you had the drink...but then you had to go spill it. It was obviously time to call it a night.

Today is a new day and hopefully it will be better. I hope Colin feels better soon!

Cindy said...

Is it too late for me to put the sperm back where it came from? Um, yeah, too late. Thanks for the relaxation tip. I will stock up on liquor now! Hey, going to do the ornament exchange again. Sending the invitation soon!