Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm a friend too!

Check out the new countdown clock at the bottom of the page. If that doesn't tell you how good a friend I am then nothing will. I will adorne my blog with freaky clocks just to let you all know when Nicool is comin' to town. If Nikki T doesn't appreciate it then she can "suck it" (trademark line from Holly), cuz until she is in town and we can go to "Wing Ballz"* (sorry Rusty) I'll be bouncin' off the walls in anticipation. (Hence the freaked out bouncing ball things animating the countdown clock) *"Wing Ballz" is actually the new wing place in The District "Wing Nutz". I've heard it is good, but haven't actually been....BUT just so you feel sorry for me, my hubs went without me one Monday Night to watch football!


Holly said...

I love the countdown clock! Did she ever happen to mention which night she wanted to go out?

Katie said...

Well, you didn't have to type anything other than the title of this post and I would've commented, "Yes! Anjie is a WONDERFUL friend!" (BTW, thanks for helping me out today. I owe you one!)

I hope you have a wonderful visit with CB! And you tell Seth, "HOW DARE YOU!!!"

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOU! AP, you rock. What would I do without you! HOlly called Beth "speedflesh". We are wing nutty/ Where does Giggles think she is going? she better be there with a smile on!
You rock!

Anonymous said...

For those of you that may not know NiCOOL... She is like a puppy... Every time you walk back into a room, she gets excited all over again ... That could be mistaken for hyper, but whateves!


Katie said...

CB - Aren't you going to be here over Thanksgiving? I'll be out of town, otherwise you know I'd be there to get my giggles on!