Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm not a very good writer.

I just re-read the previous post and realized I didn't do a very good job of summing things up. I know I was taught how to write an essay. Have an intro; body (consisting of at least 3 paragraphs); then a conclusion. Don't know what I was thinking when I finished that one off.....so here we go: Because I am so obsessed with Yahoo! News, it thrills me when I can talk to other people about some of the great current headlines, past headlines, even the weird headlines that you wonder "WTF", or why they are even in the Top 10 in the first place. I also love being able to read how these headlines come into play in other people's lives. I know Seth and I have conversations like the one jdg and Wood had, I just can't remember them enough to blog about them. Maybe I need to just buy a tape recorder to recall all of those "special" moments. (Yes, Seth I said "special) So how was that for a conclusion? Sorry, you'll have to read the other post, then read the conclusion over here....I'm too lazy to "edit" the other post....and doing it this way adds one more post to my post numbers. :)