Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm a damn good cook too!-Wednesday's Wonderful Recipe- Part 2

This week is all about Pastor Ryan's Mexican Lasagna. Mmmmmmm........I'm a little hungry as I am writing this post. Here is the recipe link: Even though this version was a little harder to make (not a 30 minute meal) it had a lot more layers, and a few more ingredients. I tried to cut it in 1/2 since I was not feeding a churchful of people like Pastor Ryan was. It worked pretty well. I omitted the beans, and messed up a little with the layers (I put the enchilada sauce on the top because I forgot to put it on, AND I used all the salsa verde in the bottom so there wasn't any for the other layer) BUT that is what is so great about this is totally forgiving (most likely because it is from a Pastor,ha ha ha I slay me!). My husband said he liked this version better than the Rachael Ray version, possibly because it has a bit more kick. Overall, I think when in a pinch, I will make the Rachael Ray version, since it is quicker. But when I actually plan things out, I will make Pastor Ryan's version since the person I cook for likes it better, and the difference in ingredients makes it cool to make for a larger crowd. Like if family comes over for dinner, or if you have to make dinner for a board meeting (thinking of making this for next month, not sure though). Next Week: Another P'Dub recipe review


Katie said...

Feel free to make it for the board meeting. Now that you say it has a little more kick to it than RR version, I'm going to have to make it FOR SURE!

Vicki said...

I made the Rachael Ray version last weekend and hubby loved it. I included the black beans - we happen to love them - and used a medium sauce, very yummy! I think I will try it with tortilla chips next time instead of tortillas just to see if it gives it more of a crunch. The tortillas got a little gummy (may have been the ones I chose...). Very good though! I'll have to try the other one now just to see the difference.