Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm a little appalled...or am I a prude?

I just saw this post on Parent Dish about Francis Bean Cobain's Sweet 16 birthday party. She being the daughter of celebrities Kurt Cobain (former lead singer of Nirvana) and Courtney Love (lead singer of Hole), got to have a great party at LA's House of Blues. Since most of the Sweet 16 parties have a theme, it isn't surprising that her's did too....although what is a bit surprising is the theme itself. Francis Bean Cobain had a "My Suicidal Sixteen" birthday party. As you will recall her dad committed suicide in 1994, to what some think of as the detriment of the music scene. I'm not sure how tacky that theme really is. She claims any "Sweet 16" party marks the death of childhood, and is how a young lady makes her entrance into the adult world. What do you think? It is tacky just because it is tacky? Is it tacky because of her family's past? If any other 16 year old had the same theme, would it be as appalling? *Update* OK, so I spelled her name's Frances Bean not Francis Bean. I know it is a bit trivial, but,I'd prefer my posts to be ac accurate as possible.


Katie said...

I'm going to go with it's appalling as a theme in and of itself. Call me a prude.

Allison and Ben said...

Yea pretty appalling! That is just awful. I would think that there would be other more appropriate ways to declare childhood as "dead."

Regina said...

umm, not commenting on this post, but I would like to say I love the Ting Tings! I see you were listening to them. My son Eli will sing 'that's not my name...that's not my name!' or ask for the drum song. so much fun!